Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Home Ideas - Bathrooms

Ideal custom waterfall themed bathroom. Featuring simple wooden cabinets with lots of storage.  (Cabinets feature pull out step stools under the cabinet, flip out laundry hamper in the middle of the cabinet, wooden boxes on the bottom sides big enough to hold hairspray standing up, wooden small boxes on the top sides for holding makeup and other small items. Wooden garbage box on the side of the toilet and wooden stuff box on the other side.)  Water fall shower curtain, rain shower head, bathroom window painted in blue.  Water fall faucet and vessel sink in blue water glass.  Blue glass bathroom lights.  Picture shelf under the mirror with a peg rack below.  Full body mirror on a wall painted in water colors mimicking water falling.

There is a more pinnable image

Downstairs Girls Bathroom Vanity to sit at and do  makeup and hair.  Ikea sink mounted to the wall.  Flower pots with cushion lids and wheels on bottom for storage and stools.  Bathroom vanity from upstairs painted white.  Bathroom vanity from downstairs over the toilet also painted white.  New ceiling fan and light.  Two bath towel rods that are 36".  Back of the room divides off with a shower curtail for privacy.  Shower surround filled in with panels.  Shower door with peel and stick designs on the door for added privacy.  Large mirror across from the vanity for make up etc.

Floor Repair

"For a small space, you may warm each tile with a hair dryer or heat gun and use a spackle knife to pry up each tile.  Simply heating the glue or adhesive with a hair dryer may allow you to scrape it off easily. Hot water may soften the glue or adhesive so it can easily be removed with a razor scraper." Looks like I may need a heat gun, or I was wondering if an old clothes iron would work too.

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