Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finish Started Projects

Buy Dark Blue Paint
Door - Leaning, Hand-painted 6 panel blue green grey distressed. $100.00, via Etsy.

Fix Tiller

Buy Wood

Measure Window
Buy Cloth

Padding in the kitchen around the benches
Measure size of wood needed.
Plan how to  cut it.

Finish outbuilding roof

Secure the dog fences for dogs.

Painting trim
Do it

Painting interior doors
plan it

Cleaning Family room
do it

Moving rooms
get other things done first

Home Ideas - Out Building

Cave turned Racketball Room
Level ground
Pour Cement Ground
Dig room for Stairs
Close up holes
New door
Protect Heater
Add in cage lights
Paint floor
Get Racket Ball Supplies

Main Building turned Studio
Fix Roof
Fix Stairs
Fix Lights
Fix Ceiling Drywall
Add in Mirrors
Add new dance floor eventually

Home Ideas - Front Yard

Tiller and dig out gravel
Dig holes to bury old wood
Tiller the whole area
Then Tiller up the paths and scrape the loose dirt onto the mounds
Plant seeds with wall of waters
buy cover crops to plant also
plant any seed that are not too late to be planted

Move temporary fencing on east side to the back of the house
Tiller the ground where fence sits
level out the ground
put in the new pole
stretch the fencing cloth
install a new gate
remove temporary gates to use elseware
Install permenant poles for west side of the house
Shorten the temporary panel
install the temporary panel
add a latch and hinges to the garden/ field gates

Door - Leaning, Hand-painted 6 panel blue green grey distressed. $100.00, via Etsy.

Front of House
Distress paint door
Make/ paint/ install shutters
Jack hammer out old stairs
install/ make new stairs
window well covers for the front
dig out garbage in wells
new lights
new curtains

TIDNY Fabric IKEA You can personalize the fabric by filling in the outlines with permanent fabric markers.

Home Ideas - Upstairs Main Rooms

Add Picture Shelf in front hall and mount peg rack highter

Two picture shelves over the stairs with new frames centered on them.

Dinning Room Fan. Remove center weaving on each fan blade replace with green painted insert.  Get inexpensive clear glass, repaint golden and green.  Move Front room fan to the Kitchen. Get some green pulls.  Also in the dinning room add a picture shelf for younger kids books.  Also add green chair padding in two palces.  Also fix the one tile that is comming up and add trim and fix the hole in the wall.

New brass living room fan with dark wood/ cherry blades and warm colored lamp shades.  The hallways need painted to help the living room look good. Also the door should be painted.

Coat closet turned Food Storage Closet with strong closet shelves.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Home Ideas - Bathrooms

Ideal custom waterfall themed bathroom. Featuring simple wooden cabinets with lots of storage.  (Cabinets feature pull out step stools under the cabinet, flip out laundry hamper in the middle of the cabinet, wooden boxes on the bottom sides big enough to hold hairspray standing up, wooden small boxes on the top sides for holding makeup and other small items. Wooden garbage box on the side of the toilet and wooden stuff box on the other side.)  Water fall shower curtain, rain shower head, bathroom window painted in blue.  Water fall faucet and vessel sink in blue water glass.  Blue glass bathroom lights.  Picture shelf under the mirror with a peg rack below.  Full body mirror on a wall painted in water colors mimicking water falling.

There is a more pinnable image

Downstairs Girls Bathroom Vanity to sit at and do  makeup and hair.  Ikea sink mounted to the wall.  Flower pots with cushion lids and wheels on bottom for storage and stools.  Bathroom vanity from upstairs painted white.  Bathroom vanity from downstairs over the toilet also painted white.  New ceiling fan and light.  Two bath towel rods that are 36".  Back of the room divides off with a shower curtail for privacy.  Shower surround filled in with panels.  Shower door with peel and stick designs on the door for added privacy.  Large mirror across from the vanity for make up etc.

Floor Repair

"For a small space, you may warm each tile with a hair dryer or heat gun and use a spackle knife to pry up each tile.  Simply heating the glue or adhesive with a hair dryer may allow you to scrape it off easily. Hot water may soften the glue or adhesive so it can easily be removed with a razor scraper." Looks like I may need a heat gun, or I was wondering if an old clothes iron would work too.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today I have a slight tendency towards the J side of Judging.

Introvert(44%)  iNtuitive(88%)  Feeling(62%)  Judging(6%)
You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (44%)
You have strong preference of Intuition over Sensing (88%)
You have distinctive preference of Feeling over Thinking (62%)
You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (6%)

Your Risk Attitude Index 76%
Primary Type(s) Inspired 45%
Secondary Type(s) Adventurer32%

Small Business Entrepreneur Profiler
Your Type is a Business Leader