Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Pins for March 2012

Projects Like Ravening Wolves
Actually, I think I should vote this post best pin of the Quarter!  It is this pin and the best pin of April that inspired me to start a Best Pin of the Month list.  I am now encouraged to get ride of lots of false projects in my life.  What a fresh and funny way to look at clutter and projects.
Seed Sowing in the Snow
Winter sowing is such a happy and pleasant way to pass the dreary month of January, when all you want is to see spring again soon.  Instead of dreading long winter days you can happily start gardening even while it is snowing. This form of sprouting is so simple and so successful.  I am glad to have such a great post to show to other people.
A Top-to-Bottom Guide to Saving Money Around Your House
I am a visual person.  Somehow this cute representation makes saving money more interesting.  Lots of great ideas.

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