Friday, April 27, 2012

Boxing and Faith

Here is a quote from an email my wonderful friend Tammy sent me.
There are times when I feel boxed down too. Times when I just don't have the strength or courage to do one more thing. Or when I start to feel worthless and trampled on. It's at those times when I have to remember that faith and despair cannot exist at the same time. You cannot have faith if you are despairing. Then I have to remember who wants to see me despair - Satan. Satan likes to see me falter and stumble and feel worthless. That's when I get up and put my boxing gloves on and decide that I'm done being punched by others. I'm done being boxed by Satan and I'm going to win. He is NOT going to decide my life or make me despair. I WILL NOT LET HIM. Despair is one of his greatest tools. I have to remember to REFUSE to feel despair! ~ Tammy

Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Pins for March 2012

Projects Like Ravening Wolves
Actually, I think I should vote this post best pin of the Quarter!  It is this pin and the best pin of April that inspired me to start a Best Pin of the Month list.  I am now encouraged to get ride of lots of false projects in my life.  What a fresh and funny way to look at clutter and projects.
Seed Sowing in the Snow
Winter sowing is such a happy and pleasant way to pass the dreary month of January, when all you want is to see spring again soon.  Instead of dreading long winter days you can happily start gardening even while it is snowing. This form of sprouting is so simple and so successful.  I am glad to have such a great post to show to other people.
A Top-to-Bottom Guide to Saving Money Around Your House
I am a visual person.  Somehow this cute representation makes saving money more interesting.  Lots of great ideas.

Best Pin of Feb 2012

Beneficial, Edible and Useful Flowers
Um... Yes, I did vote my own pin the best. This is because of all of the pins  I have pinned this one got the most repins.  And I like it :).  But I am sure I am bias.
What's In Season Now?
What a great quick visual reference for year round healthy eating!  I am sure I will refer back to it often.  I voted this as a best pin so I find it again and again.
10 Ways to Stop Yelling
This was another pin that came at just the right time.  This was a good refresher course on ways to be more effective in communicating with my children.

Best Pin of the Jan 2012

“We Had Abortions . . . . I’ve Had Abortions” — A New Voice in the Abortion Debate

I have read about Post-Abortion Syndrome.  Mothers are often told that abortion is the easy way out.  But many mothers are now speaking out about the many negative side effects of abortion.  This article brought up an important new perspective on abortion, the Fathers are effected negatively by abortion also.  This article has great new information on an important topic, that is why I picked it to be the best pin for Jan 2012.
Beware of these marriage killers

This was wonderful timing on a well written article.  Just when I needed the reminder this post at Simple Mom suggested avoiding contempt, criticism, defensiveness, and stonewalling. Stonewalling, a very descriptive word for exactly what I was doing.  Written by a man this post helps us women understand the side effects of these actions.  This post was both timely and well written so I picked it for the 2nd best pin of the month.
Sprout Robot

Enter your zip code to get a great planting guide, complete with a calender that tells what week to plant each type of plant. It can take a gardener allot of work to list and plan out the proper planting and spouting times of all of their plants.  Even if you do not buy a subscription from Sprout Robot the planting schedule is very helpful.  Because this site had so much information skillfully organised I gave them the 3rd place for best pin in Jan.