Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soap Making Plans

Supplies you need to start making soap.
  • Read how to make soap
  • a Recipe, of course (you can make your own using a soap calculator, listed below)
  • Supplies listed on the Recipe, another obvious.
  • Soap Scale, measurements must be accurate
  • 2 soap thermometers, one to measure the temperature of the oil and one to measure the temperture of the lye mixture.
  • Electric hand mixer.

Supplies each Individual will need if making soap in a group.
  • Soap mold, you can make your own read how here.
  • Rubber Gloves for safety, verry important
  • Goggles for safety, verry important
  • 3qt heat safe container for mixing lye
  • 3qt Stainless steel pot or sauce pan for heating oils
  • Stainless Steel pot  or large ceramic bowl or glass bowl, for combining the lye and oils together.    The flat bottom on the pot will make it easier to stir then the bowl.
  • Heat safe silicone spatula
  • Plastic stirring spoon
  • Freezer paper or wax papper for linning your soap mold.  Tape to secure it.
  • Electric hand mixer. (depending on the timing the hand mixer could be shared between each person, but this will make the process slower, if everyone has their own it will go faster.  This is optional though)

Soap Calculators