Saturday, April 3, 2010

Researching and Planning on Rabbits for Survival Meat

Below is a post I just posted in a Yahoo group about raising rabbits in a colony.

I have just been enjoying myself going through all the groups posted links and photos. Great info there. Thank you.

We have free range chickens and are in the process of planning on adding in rabbits to our little place for a survival meat source. I think we have moved-on to where we can butcher animals and not be totally squeamish. This year we changed from Wellsummer chickens to Orpington Chickens. The chickens are rather cute and fluffy, we will see if "cute and fluffy" makes it harder to butcher when they are old enough.

My kids have been planning and plotting on how to get me to be willing to keep rabbits. When I finally told them I would agree to rabbits if they agreed to one thing they would not like. They all said "you mean we will have to eat them? WE AGREEE!" lol... so I guess my kids say they will be willing to eat their rabbits. Time will tell.

We just purchased an e-book called "Raising Rabbits to Survive." It was rather informative. All this talk about torching metal cages to sterilise them though is not what I had in mind. In fact one lone bunny per small square cage is not what I had in mind. While I am willing to eat my animals I am not willing for them to be unhappy. I hate looking at rabbits in cages. But watching my chickens scratch and explore the yard makes me happy.

I am excited to find this group. And I am gathering info in order to convince my husband that we can in fact own rabbits and have them happy in a colony. His concerns at this time are burrowing and poop management. So far I have read that digging down the fence six inches stops burrowing, and poop management is as easy as scattering wood chips over poop, then shoveling out piles. Oh and snakes, we have some snakes on our place. So the Kits would have to be extra protected from snakes.

Has anyone here tried the equivalent of a chicken tractor for rabbits? We live on a half an acre, which might not seem like much, but we just moved in and are ELATED to have our little patch of dirt. There is quite a field of grass that I would like to tractor my bunnies on to help keep their feed costs down. I read somewhere about making a bunny tractor with 4" spacing in the wire. If you know anything about this I would love to hear more.

Looking forward to any replies,

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