Monday, April 26, 2010

Honey for a Burn?

Here is the burn after honey.  See where the blister was, it looks allot better now.

Curious got burned on the chicken warming light when he was trying to get some baby chicks out to play with. It was a pretty bad burn with a blister right where the light touched his skin. I had him lay down with a wet towel and ice pack on it until it cooled down allot. I could not find my medical supplies (still packed) or any of my burn treatment stuff. So I looked up online how to treat a burn naturally. I found the Home Remedy Reference Center's list of Burn Remedies. I read down the list until I found a treatment requiring what I had on hand, honey. I spread honey on the burn and folded up a paper towel to cover it, then taped it down with regular scotch tape. Kind of a make shift bandage, but Curious is up and walking around and acting like he has no complaints. So far so good.

About an hour later.... Curious just said "my shirt is all sticky.  Do you know why? Because I took off my bandage and it had honey all over it."  I told him "You were not suppose to take it off without my help."  He says "Why is my burn still there?  It thought it was all better because I did not feel it."  Sounds like it worked.

The honey sealed in the wound from the air so it did not sting.  As the honey dried it created a coating over the wound, which is still there.


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