Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Chorister Calling

I was just called to be the Sacrament Chorister for my LDS ward.  It took me a long time to find the training materials from the church that can help me learn my new calling.  I am posting these materials on here so that I can find them easier next time.  And also so anyone else looking for resources and how to learn to lead music can also find the easier.

The main page that really gets you into all the information you need is this

Introduction to Music,17884,6748-1,00.html

Another good one is this

Church Music Site Overview,17884,6754-1,00.html

Online Training is available at

Conducting Course Book and Audio Tapes,17631,4798-1,00.html

Here you can see the resources available from the LDS church available for learning music.

Music Training Materials

Big thanks to this article posted below that helped me find my way to these wonderful church resources.

A man as the Primary chorister? By Bruce T. Forbes

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