Friday, February 12, 2010

My Head is Spinning...

I have always wanted to be good at music.... So I was somewhat excited at that challenge to learn how to lead.  Though not at all excited to be infront of the whole ward :p. I learned in Marching Band about how to lead a song.  But all it took was substituting one time for Primary Chorister for me to realise just how much I have forgotten, and how off beat I can get.      I am moving through this course and much of it is review, I have been mostly feeling fine, keeping up.  Today I got to Fermatas (spell check does not even know what a fermata is), Pick up Beat, Preparatory Beat, Holds, and Cut offs, and my head is spinning.  I expected that I would need to practice each song at home quite a bit just to make sure I could stay on rhythm.  I tend to follow the rhythm of the words more then the rhythm of the notes.  But now I realise I am going to have to practice each song just to get use the the unique elements of it.  

I am excited that they have a VHS at the library I can watch...  But I do not have a VHS player, only DVD... Maybe they will let me rent a VHS player over the week?  My hymn book is still packed.  Thankfully I have a DVD with all the hymns on it, hopefully that is not packed and I can find it.  I think I need to buy a metronome.  My speakers on my computer stopped working last week, so I can not play the music off the web... Some technical difficulties here, and lots of butterflies.. Lord willing I can get it together enough to at least look like I understand basic rhythm on my first day.


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Juliet said...

That is funny, about 'fermata'. It is spelled right, but spell check just wants to check the English words and not the Italian ones!

Let me know if I can help, really. You have listed something about 6/8 conducting, and I'd advise just don't do those ones for a few months until you've got a handle on all that other stuff. There's also 2/2 and 3/2 in the hymnbook, but just start with the 4/4 ones or maybe 3/4. You will do great!