Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mom and dad always made sure we had a bicycle.

Dad made sure we knew how to ride it.  We would get at least one good day with dad running behind us helping us learn to ride our bicycle.  After a while I would pull my bike up to the curb and stand on the curb to get a good straight start.  I remember riding circles in front of dad and dad being so pleased that I could ride my bike.  most of the time we got our bikes for Christmas.  and most of the time I had a ten speed bike.  but at first all of us girls had bikes with those long banana seats that were all the rage.  and of course the bikes were pink and girly, and over time the banana seats were duct taped together, because the sun would dry theme out and break them apart.  I think I had training wheels to start, and then came the big day when dad took them off and taught me to ride without them.

journal jar topic:  Did you have a bike when you were growing up? What was it like?

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