Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Homeschooling Again

Working part time at home dramatically cut into our homeschooling time. For a while there I was keeping the household running and not finding as much time for homeschool as I wanted. I kept waiting for the time when I was excited about homeschool and all I wanted to do was homeschool with my children, and it kept not happening. That is a standard pattern for our life. We get excited about homeschooling and all the kids and I end up doing for a while is homeschooling day in and day out. Then as time goes buy we homeschool a little bit less and a little bit less as other focuses take up some of our time, and finally we are busy and fitting homeschool in the cracks. Then one day we wake up and realise that we have been missing homeschool and start planning our next homeschool attack. In short order we are back on top homeschooling at the drop of the hat every chance we can get. Which describes our family right now.

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