Monday, April 20, 2009

Introductions on MMB

Hello I am Jeanine. I have been a SAHM for 9 years and a WAHM mom for 7 months. Our family is running like a gazelle Dave Ramsey style in order to pay out of debt, this is why I have started to WAH. My DH also took on a 2nd job. Life around here has gotten a little bit crazy, but I do hope I will someday feel like I have adjusted to the new lifestyle.  


A strange thing happened when I started working at home... I seemed to suddenly have more respect from people in general. Funny how working for a pay check is more of a quantifiable success that others can see, and increases you in their estimation over and above "just" being a SAHM. I am glad to have the added respect, it is refreshing. 

Strange thing is, my kids were better taken care of and more attended to when I did not work. Over all I do feel I accomplished more when I was "just" a SAHM then I do now that I am also juggling WAHM. But that is a nuance an "outsider" would not get. 

Now in life I am trying to learn this new juggling act, prioritise, and learn how to succeed at both being a SAHM and a WAHM.  

On Food Storage

I love whole foods and food storage. I have heard some say that it is an antiquated idea, and have dismissed it my talking about how the presidency has changed many times what they recommend a family to store and how much. I could not disagree more.

Food storage has many benefits, it is more healthy and less expensive just to mention a few. As I wonder about the political climate and future of our country I find these words to be true. "If you are prepared ye shall not fear.

On Getting out of Debt

I have always considered SAHM and Homeschooling to be like an overtime job, so now our family is making the adjustment to both parents working a 2nd job. The most challenging factor is to control spending. As our family works harder we seem to have larger needs, food for example, our food expense has gone up allot since we took on more work. We have to be careful to no "eat away all the profits" literally.

On Homeschooling

Hello I have four children, three lovely girls, one busy boy, ages 9-3. I have always homeschooled from the beginning. When my oldest was young I found it was a joy to homeschool her through preschool. As kindergarten approached I decided I did not want to send her away and miss out on all the fun. Thus our homeschool started. I have an eclectic approach. I love the classics approach and do the majority of my homeschooling through classics, with a focus on the development of character through the ages TJE style. I have tried k-12 but found it to be too cumbersome for more then one child. I like Charllote Mason's focus on hands on, art, and nature. The best way I have ever motivated my children to practice spelling and writing is through making art and cards for family members and friends. We largely homeschool on interest based education in unschooling fashion and this is wonderful for me. With this simple approach we play through homeschooling always on the adventure of learning new things, which works great for my kids that are in core and love of learning phase.

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