Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My thoughts on stumbeling blocks

There are two ways to go through life....

A. Taking life as it comes.  This is a time of wading through, climbing over, walking around allot of stumbling blocks.

B. Building a mountain one stone at a time to climb higher out of the stumbling blocks and closer to the Lord.

This is my theory anyways.

The choice seems to be to take the stumbling blocks around you and stack them up so you can climb higher, build your mountain, to climb, up towards the Lord.  But watch out the pile of stumbling blocks is ever rising trying to over take you.

Both paths are hard.  The stumbling blocks are hard because of the constant fight for survival.  The mountain is hard because of the effort required to build and climb it.  Both are incredibly hard.  But up on the mountain you can see further and your work and efforts are more effective.

Climbing up the mountain is a process of putting yourself in situations that are constantly new.  So mistakes are a given.  Climbing is a process of hit and miss and picking your self back up when you fall.  The trick is to pick yourself back up and climb some more, make more mistakes, and keep going.  Otherwise you choose to be surrounded by the stumbling blocks of maintaining status quoe.  

There is no comfort zone in life.  The Lord demands/wants perfection.

You can either be pushed up and wade through the treacherous sea of stumbling blocks, constantly struggling to stay on the top of them, and not fall down where they would bury you.  Or you can stack the stumbling blocks up and climb to higher ground out of the rising tide.  Either way you are moving upwards closer to the Lords planned perfection for you.  

It seems the building and climbing option is faster, and more desirable, because when climbing high you can see farther.


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El_Heffe said...

this post reminds me of the movie Wall-E ... you know ... all the block stacking. ;)