Monday, January 12, 2009

FEC - Family Executive Committee Meeting

Jeff and I discussed kids as we were falling asleep.

Tumbelina- Avoide nagging her. This does not inspire her to do better

* This worked. When Hugs and Tumbelina were having a fight. I sat them down together and had one girl listen while the other girl talked, when girl A was done talking girl B had to repeat back to girl A what she said accurately enough that A agreed it was what she said. Then girl B got her turn to talk and girl A had to listen and accurately repeat back to girl B what she said.

Then each girl was challenged to think of one thing she could have done better. They then said sorry to the other girl for the one thing they did wrong.

This worked well for Tumbelina. Ari had a harder time with it.

Curious - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."I am trying this bit of wisdom out on Curious.

After church today Curious took an empty pop bottle and started to play whack a mole on his sisters heads with it. I had Curious repeat this phrase several times and then asked him if he would like it if his sisters whacked him on the head with a sprite bottle. He said no of course, so I asked him if he thought his sisters liked being whacked. ''No ''he said. 

"Then should you whack it your sisters on the head?" was my next question.

 He said "no."

''Can you tell your sisters sorry then" I asked.

"Yes" he said.

This seemed to get through.

Angelic -I am working with Angelic on personal hygiene in preparation of her body maturing. Last night she showered and washed her hair. After words I got out the mouse and tought her how to scrunch and tease it into her hair. The results were better but it seems that we need to find a way to improve the results even still.

Hugs -I need to fix her iron deficiency. I need to get more white pills from Daves Nutrition, and help her get more iron. This should help her moods stableize allot more.

Me-take your herbs to marrow.

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