Thursday, January 29, 2009

C.S. Lewis on Moral Law

Scriptures say the lord wrote his moral law in our minds and in our hearts, thus we all know the moral law at least somewhat.

Freud says that children learn the morals through punishments and rewards

This makes me think of a bouncy ball bouncing back and forth between rewards and punishments, in this way the bouncy balls are kept in the limited bounds designed for them bouncing back and forth between the walls..  

But what happens... In the case of children,when they realise these limits are really artificial walls created by their parents?

In the analogy of the bouncy ball they are guaranteed to bounce way off in left field and run a muck.  Enjoying the freedom without bounds and lacking foundational knowledge about why it is good to choose to stay inside the limits.

The daunting task with raising children is no less then the Lords charge, teach them sound principals and let them govern themselves. Parenting this way takes allot more effort and thought, in order to do this a parent must awaken in the child a personal  awareness of their own inner conscious, of the moral code written in their minds.   The skill that such a task requires is daunting indeed.

Thankfully parenting is a three way contract between the Mom the Dad and the Lord. Thankfully the Lord gives us parents personal inspiration on how to fulfil such a large stewardship

In this analogy it is easy to see that we are Gods in training. 


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dougandcheryl said...

I stayed up late last night finishing Screwtape. I just couldn't stop reading and wasn't tired yet. I don't know if you are to them yet but the chapter about setting the 'fashion' and ideas of what is beautiful to make the "patients" fall in love with the kind of woman they want them to was amazing. I think that really applies today as well as in his time. All I could think while reading it was of all the reality shows and the ways girls act that would have been so shocking when I was in high school but is considered normal now.... and then the last chapter. Amazing! I will probably put a little more of a review on my blog soon but not sure when. Let me know what you think of these chapters as well... and others of course!