Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coments on Screwtape Letter #8 Undulation

This is like the classic pride cycle you learn about in the Book of Mormon and high school Seminary.

The Nephits humble themselves and are favored of the Lord, then they become prosperous and blessed.  Soon they become prideful, and sinful and need to be humbled by the lord... cycle repeats.

But more personal then that, this quote was the nugget of truth I was searching for.

I feel like truth brings happiness. When we humans suffer it is most often because we do not know, or are not living, some nugget of truth.

Thus when I feel I am suffering from some version of lack of truth, I start praying, pondering, and searching for the nugget of truth I am lacking.

This letter was that nugget of truth for Me.

Somewhere in the scriptures it says something like God gives men weaknesses to humble us.  and that if we do humble ourselves and turn to the lord he will make our weaknesses become strong.

As I said in an earlier post titled ''Frozen ''my weakness is cleaning.

Recently I have fallen into a rut where I asked myself, why do I bother trying to over come this weakness it does not seam to be improving at all.

You know I did not quote enough from C.S. Lewis there was allot more golden truth then what was quoted earlier... let me go find it.

In Screwtape #9 (see my next post for quotes from this letter) we learn how Screwtape exploits the trough periods by keeping the "patient" focused on the pattern of troughs, So the "patient" believes that the low periods are the constant and the highs are only temporary changes from the constant low.

This trick has worked well on me with cleaning, thus I have greatly lacked in faith of improvement, each low period has been thought of as the standard.

With this cycle going I can see how, when the Lord moves back withdrawing his support, from me I feel desperate. OH NO here comes the standard reality of failure" I think.  'All faith is lost and I stumble.

Funny how this is such a simple concept for me to understand in other areas of my life, but with cleaning I just did not get it.

The trick, it would seams is to hold any claimed ground as much as possible when the Savior withdraws his support.

It is like changing the pattern from a roller coaster ride of up and down to a pattern of steps.  During the good times capitalize on them and enjoy the improvements.During the troughs hold your claimed ground, ready to claim more ground during the next good cycle. This trick of holding the ground, doing what is right especially when it is hard.  This changes the roller coaster pattern into one of continuous improvement.

I am going to try this theory out anyways, see if it Works...


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