Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My family LOVES Kidzui.  This has become an essential tool in my family.  

We homeschool our children and take and interest based approach.  The main limiting factor in my family is keeping my kids time full of things that are interesting and educational to them.  With Kidzui I can turn on the computer and let them go.  I have the peace of mind in knowing that they will not be accessing anything objectionable.  I also have the joy of walking in on them and seeing sneak peaks of what the are learning.  

The other night when I checked in on my son he was learning which animals lived in the savanna.  That experience reminded me of a few days ago when I walked in on my daughter learning about tornadoes.  Of course it is not all learning.  

My kids have discovered, through Kidzui, that they are fans of Hanna Montana.   Which is a cute way for them to stay in touch with pop culture even when not in public school.  

Yesterday I added Funbrain.com to all my kids favorites list and logged into one of the kids accounts and "mailed" funbrain to all of them.  In this way they can stumble upon the webpages I want them to see.  I love the feature of customizing webpages my kids can or can not access.  This one option has endless possibilities.  I

 have also noticed that you have Kidzui Games, which is a great selection of games for young kids.

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