Saturday, October 4, 2008


In General Conference today Dieter H. Uchtdorf talked of hope. The hope that carries us through the difficult times. I admire and love Elder Uchtdorf, he truly understands suffering and overcoming it. He has insights into the human experience few have. So I am looking forward with hope, as Uchtdorf would recommend.

It is said that the lost baby will be restored to its mother for her to raise in the millennial reign. This is my heaven. In my heaven I have a quiet little house of comfort where I sit and rock my three or four restored babies, where I enjoy again the joys of being mother to an infant. This is my heaven... And this is what I will look forward to in hope. It is said we can not fathom the peace that awaits us in the life to come. To me this peace is my babies restored to me, my motherhood restored to me, in a peaceful home of comfort. I would have no need of asking for more.

That part of me was not taken from me when I miscarried, it was only delayed, and held out for another time, when the Lord can restore it to me. For this I look forward in hope.


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