Sunday, September 21, 2008


The other day I recived this email from a neighbor.

Hi. The kids report that you are moving to the mountains. I'd love to find out about that if you want to tell me. :)

Below are my repiles

#1. I am still working out the specifics... I want to give you that accurate answer.. right now it is a coin stay tuened I will let you know soon when Jeff and I have decided the answer firmly amongst ourselves.


Forgive me for not writing back to you sooner.

It is funny the timing of your email. If you had emailed me just a few days earlier I would have had a quick and easy answer for you. If you had emailed me a few days later I would have had a response for you. But you happened to email right as were were on the cusp of discussing a change of plan, thus I was not able to answer the question at that time because I did not know the answer :). But we have discussed the plan, prayed about it, and confirmed it at the temple. So now I can discuss the plan because we have come to a decision.

Jeff and I moved here with the plans of buying our own home in two years. Once we moved here we fell in love so much with this ward and the members in it that we stopped discussing plans to move. Then we went through the year of the fire and miscarriages, and there was no extra anything to even consider moving an option.

The other day we found ourselves smack against the problem that we are not renting enough space for our family. Also we were reminded of our families goals to own some acres off in the boonies. With a new focus on our long term goals I went back to work, my main goal being to save a down payment to buy a home. This we planned would take 3-6 months of saving.

Several weeks ago we were contacted by a mortgage agent who seemed to have quite a good deal for us, but the deal ended in September. Thus we were left feeling that we could maybe get our home earlier then we planned if we closed by September. So we went house shopping and found the perfect home. Just as we were getting ready to make an offer we realised that the mortgage agent was offering a gimmick and we did not want to use this form of financing. Which again put the home buying plan off 3-6 months.

We defaulted back to the save for a few months then move plan, and were hopeful that the "perfect" home would still be on the market when we had pulled together enough savings.

Recently Granny has moved to Dee's home and we are now renting more of her house which makes us living her longer a much more practical plan.

I fond that while I was thinking about "my dream" to own a modest home on acres, and how close we were to obtaining it, I found that I was nervous. I did not feel settled about the plan we were working towards. I realised that the current financial status of our country makes me nervous about our ability to hold onto that home if we bought it. I do not know what bumps lie in the road ahead, and I was concerned with the current financial trend that I would loose my home as times got tougher. I did not want to get my dream home only to loose it during a financial bumpy time. For this reason I was feeling rather nervous over the plan to move.

I can not tell you how much owning a home on acres means to me. It has always been the "ultimate" future goal of our family since we were married. For me to put down this goal and set it aside was rather difficult for me. Jeff was feeling uneasy about the plan also, but was rather cautious to be as frank about his nerves because he knew how emotionally I was wrapped up in this plan. There have been a few times that I have joked that I will follow the Lord and do as he asks, until what he asks might stop my goal of getting a home, then I fear I would pick a home over him. Lol! So here I found myself stuck with that very choice. Continue with the plan to buy the home, and obtain the long awaited family goal. OR, trust your spirit when it tells you the plan is not good, and patiently put it aside for what the Lord wants you to do. Well it took me a week to be sure, but now I am.

We have decided not to move for about another two years. We will keep my extra job and Jeff will be getting another part time job also. In those two years we believe we can pay out of debt, finish building our long term food storage, and save of 5% down on a home. Also realestate market trends seem to suggest that homes will be less, or undervalued, at that time, also making it a good time to buy.

It may be that the people who buy the "good grapes house" (the name we gave the home we found, because of its vast amount of established grape vines with lovely grapes) by then will be experiencing financial hardship, and will entertain an offer for us to buy it from them, if we find we still want that very home the most.

I feel much more peace associated with this plan, I do not want to buy my dream home during a bad economy only to loose it. So we are staying here for another two years at this point.

Of course the upside to that is we get to have more time in this ward that we love :).


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Pam said...

I think that it sounds as if you are making wise financial decisions. If you feel that you should stay where you are longer and you love where you live, that's wonderful.