Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Mothers needs Diagrammed


We must have love to give love.

Stewardship of Motherhood

Established in creation, Motherhood is our opportunity to gain personal refinement and eternal joy as we personally take a role in the Lords great effort to gain happy souls secure in heaven. Motherhood is our connection with eternity. In motherhood we connect with our own eternal nature through its rigorous self refinement. In motherhood we connect with eternity as the fruits of our labor nourish the souls of our children in their formative beginnings. In motherhood we connect with eternity as we raise righteous children. They are our offerings to the Lord.

FEC (Family Executive Meeting) Thoughtful discussions with our
Husband about life.

A few moments of our husbands generous ear and an ounce of his deep insight can alleviate some of our most troublesome trials.

Quiet time/ Def rag time

We need time to simplify, to step back from our complex lives and shut down the over worked areas of our brains. We need this time to do what we enjoy. To rediscover the joys of living and connect with the happy simplicity of personal time, in order to reapply ourselves renewed to the tasks in our stewardships.

Personal refinement time
Study time
discussion time
contemplation time

We women can not serve up the complicated needs and demands of our stewardships from an empty stew pot. We need to fill and nourish the stew through our own personal study and development. It is in these sweet hours of study, contemplation and discussion that we find solutions to the real trials and difficulties of fulfilling our stewardships. It is in these moments of study, contemplations and discussions that the Lord places within our reach the answers to our questions and struggles. This may come in the form of thought full insight form another mother who has solved a similar problem. Or from sounds advice recorded in articles, books, or from our mind piecing together previously acquired knowledge in a new and innovative way.

Time for Planning and making lists

Everything exists in the mind before it is created in reality. Taking time out to make lists and plan is essential in creating the life we would like to have. Mothers lives are complex systems. As mothers we manage many numerous tasks and minute activities, each with natural consequences for mis management. Making lists and plans enable us to keep track of our compels systems and care for even the minute details successfully.

Exterior recognition and appreciation

Even the strongest most self confident woman needs a regular dose of recognition and appreciation. In the stewardships of motherhood we can easily loose track of our successes and accomplishments. These periodic exterior injections of positive enable us to maintain a proper perspective.

Community with like minded women. Who are endowed with similar stewardships.

Each of us women is blessed with a unique perspective and talents. What comes easily to one is a struggle to another and visa versa. Likewise the challenges one faces today could also be challenging another life, or other women could have overcome or mastered a similar challenge. In opend discussion with other women we learn what works in the field. It is here we learn that other women are knees deep in their own struggles also, and our plight is not unique. It is in community with other women that we gain compassion, understanding, humility, acceptance, insight and sisterhood. Isolation from other women can cause insanity. In these support groups we can also find acceptance of our weakness, and human frailty. Most mothers feel a strong need to be perfect, only in a comfortable group setting will we discover that imperfection is good and praiseworthy.

We need successes that take place in the now. We need to create something that stays permanent.

The successes of a mother is a difficult thing to measure. Their primary stewardship of raising righetous, happy, independant children does not manifest fully its results for years, many times decades. And the secoundary stewardship of mother; homemaking, can in many ways be more time consumeing and fleeting. In homemaking much of our efforts can be erased in mearly an hour. In homemaking we can toil untill a task reaches perfection only to watch its completness float away as the natural rythums of the house hold erase its existance.

Thus because much of our stewardship's successes are not measurable for years, or the evidence of them is being eroded away constantly, mothers need successes and achievements they can see now, and creations they create that are permanent. This is why we mothers so vigorously seed after hobbies, pet projects, and successes outside of the home.

Many times the immediate and permanence of successes outside the stewardships of motherhood and homemaking cn be so fulfilling, and can bring about such exterior recognition and appreciation that we mothers can be tempted to neglect the more fleeting stewardships of home and family.

These immediate and permanent successes are fulfilling, but tempting to become all consuming. It is a wise mother that utilizes them but keeps them in check.

Also these permanent immediate successes can be good examples to our children of skill and achievement.


Christine said...

I really appreciated reading this. You hit so many things right on the nose.

J. G. said...

You're "MamaJean" from HS Blogger, right? Otherwise your kids' nicknames are a huge coincidence? Anyway, the blog looks great, and I especially like this post. The URL for my playlist is , but if you use it, I'd appreciate a link back to my blog.


Pam said...

This is a great column. I appreciated the great advice. I didn't know you had this blog. It's really nice. I will put you on my "blogger" blog friend list. (I can't figure out how to put my friends from other blog sites on my hsb blog. Maybe someday....)

Juliet said...

Very very great! This all reminds me of a very profound thing I heard said once at a wedding shower, as some advice. "Don't let your schooling(which the bride was still in the midst of) get in the way of your education. Your schooling will be a few more years, and even longer if you want more of it. But your EDUCATION should never ever stop." And I have learned a TON from parenting, it seems like Linc's hardly learned anything in comparison to all I've gained. But kids do benefit from well-educated parents, undoubtedly. Prayerfully consider what you and DH should do. Also read Elder Ballard's most recent conference talk, it was the Best.Talk.Ever! in my opinion.