Thursday, May 1, 2008

Webkinz Birthday Party Ideas! #1

Party Games with Stuffed Animals

*Musical Dog Bones
: Cut out large dog bones from white poster board. Sit in a circle and play "doggie" music. Pass around the dog bones (one less in amount than there are people). Once the music stops, whoever doesn't have a bone has to go to the doghouse. You can also call the game "hot dog" and pass a dog-stuffed animal around. Whoever is holding the dog when the music stops is out to the pound.

Sneak Attack
* Have your birthday child sit in a chair in the middle of the room and place a blind fold over their eyes.
* Place an object under the chair. It can be a stuffed animal, a toy, a small bag of candy, or a wrapped gift.
* Keep everything quiet as your party guests try to sneak up (one at a time) and steal the object under the chair.
* If your birthday child tags them, the player is out and someone else must try to steal the object.
* Your birthday child can move their arms around, but don't let then use their feet.

Toy Game

* Each and every person who is invited to the party is asked to bring along a toy/stuffed animal.
* One person is chosen as the leader. He takes the toy/stuffed animal from all the participants and put them in the center of the room.
* Now, all the participants are blindfolded and asked to pick their own toy/stuffed animal from the bundle.
* The one who find his own toy/stuffed animal from the bundle, in the least time, is declared the winner.

Sack race
Canvas sacks or pillow cases are ideal for this game. All you need are the sacks, a start line, a finish line, and a whistle!

You can play this barnyard party game with all the kids together, or in pairs.

Add a little fun by getting pairs of kids to jump to one end of the course in their sacks, collect a stuffed animal ball, run back to the start to throw the toy into a box, run back to their sack, and jump back to the start line - phew! Demonstrate this one first before you start the official game.

Balloon dare: First, you buy enough balloons so everyone at the party can have one. Then, you write different dares on little pieces of paper, one for every balloon. The dares should be good for the ages group, such as kiss your stuffed animal for little kids

Race with the Animals
This additional relay race is as much fun to watch as it is to play!
Divide the children into teams. The racers will rescue animals in pairs of two. Provide each pair with a stuffed animal - lion, zebra,
giraffe, monkey etc. The first pair on each team will walk to "Madagascar"
(finish line), back to back with the animal in between their backs. Then drop their animal at the finish line and run back to their team. Then the next pair takes their turn. If the animal drops, they will pick it up and continue or start again. The first team to move all of their animals wins.

Free Magic Party Game #4. Don't get Caught. (With the Magician)
Dress up a small stuffed animal to look like a magician. As little as a large red bow around his neck or any bow tie available will work fine. A stuffed rabbit works great. The children stand, or sit in a circle and the game is played similar to the "Hot Potato" game. Play some music with a good beat and have the children pass around the Magician. Whoever is caught with the Magician when the music stops, is eliminated. The last remaining child wins a prize, such as a selection of a magic trick from a Grab Bag., an Award Certificate, Grand Prize Ribbon or best of all a magic"Bag of Trix"®.

Groundhog Day Party Game
A great game to play on Groundhog's Day. Players divide into equal groups. One group forms a circle around the other group of players. The outside group has a stuffed animal, like a groundhog, with which they try to hit the other players that are inside their circle. As soon as one is hit he must immediately join the circle and help hit the others. When all have been tagged in this way, groups change places and repeat. The two players who were last to be hit in the two games are captains to choose the teams for the next time.