Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ATTN! Rice

I was at Kitchen kneads today, Tuesday, and the owner told me that his
supplier said Rice would go up by 8-10 Dollars THIS THURSDAY. So BUY
RICE TOMORROW before it goes up.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Communing with my Inner Brat!

: www.thebratfactor.com
me: oh! yea! I can go commune with my brat
me: my inner brat does not want me to know what she is up to...
Kerry: I am sitting here wasting time waiting for it to get warmer outside so we can all go work with the worms and garden
me: ah right :)
11:33 AM me:fun
I bet that will be great. my kiddos are outside. I am giving my foot a rest and letting my brat Tiff reward herself for not sabotaging my good little Marie from doing the responsible thing
11:34 AM I wonder if this leads to split personalities...I mean for real :l
Kerry: oh i didn't know I as supposed to have a good one too
11:35 AM hm. i wonder... people just are physcotic!
me: I made that part up. ha, I know I am.. eye roll
Kerry: so funny to have brat names
me: it is
11:41 AM I think I am going to be crazy as an old woman arguing with Tiff and Marie :) and any others I create
11:42 AM Kerry: hehe
me: So I have a hypno CD..
11:43 Kerry: ah
me: So, I like this hypno CD
Kerry: oh good
me: it has 10 mins where you solve inner conflicts
11:44 AM then you imagine that you are walking in the woods to a healing light and it is healing you and taking you up into the sky. lots of fun to imagine. in the 10 min solving inner conflict you are suppose to find the conflict in your body and imagine it with its own brain. thus I have carried on conversations with Tiff
11:47 AM I have loads of grand adventures in my mind at night to. that hypno Cd.. and I don't fall asleep.. I just listen and imagine.. until it is done.. then I fall asleep.. could seem rather counter productive.. because I listen to 30 min of resolve inner conflict and 30 mins of healing light.. so an hour later and I am still not asleep.. but I am relaxed.. and I go to sleep when I can not listen to it anymore.. at least sometimes I do.. other times I restart it..
Kerry: hehe, that is funny, the restarting part)
11:48 AM me: ha! see I am totally sane :D

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Daily Morning Hour

Make Bed

Declutter and wipe bathroom "Swish and Swipe"

Was ONE load of laundry (this means putting it in early in the morning so it is not to be forgotten! SET TIMERS)

Empty Dishwasher
Wash Pots and Pans
Shine Sink
Sweet Floor
Wipe Countertops
Check Garbage and Recycling

FlyLady Mission Of The Day OTD


Daily Afternoon Hour

Prepare Today's Meal
Check on Tomorrow's Meal
Sort Mail
15 minute Toy Tidy
5 minute Living Room Pick Up


Weekly Schedule

Monday 2h
Home Blessing Hour
Afternoon Hubby Prep
Service time don't hide in the house alone, Focus 1

Tuesday 3h
Dailys done before Drum Talk
Drum Talk
Kitchen & Bathroom, Focus 2
Afternoon Hubby Prep
Family night activity

Wednesday Free Day!
Put in a crockpot meal
Day out, Kid fun time, Focus 3
Afternoon Hubby Prep
Plan meals
Desk duties

Thursday 3h
Bedrooms and Extra Laundry, Focus 4
Afternoon Hubby Prep

Friday 2.5
Toy duty
Pack a lunch
Beautify and Pamper yourself, Focus 5
Afternoon Hubby Prep
Girls Dance Class
Date Night

Saturday 1.5
Sunday breakfast prep
Outside cleaning, Focus 6
Afternoon Hubby Prep


Plan for next week, Focus 7

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