Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This just warms my heart!

Tumbalinas newest blog entry is so cute.

"I am adopted, my name is Tumbelina. I am thinking of getting a snake, but mom wont let me. I'm 6 and a half, I'm in first grade. That's all."

For homeschool we were learning how to spell the word Love just before she started her blog. She was so cute about wanting to write about her family that she loved. At first I was not sure that she was even writing in her blog so I asked her what she was writing about and she chimed in "my family" in the sweetest way.

first entry said this " My favorite Mama is Mama. My favorite sister is Hugs and Angel. And my favorite Mama is Mama, *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*, that's so funny. ( "Again" Angel says. "Yes that's because I love her so much" Says Tumbelina) And my favorite brother is Curious George, the cute little face ."

This really means something. Considering the fact that she lived in nine homes before she lived permanently with us (when she was about three years old).

One of the best things that has come of this blogging is to give Tumbelina an outlet to just be herself. She is so eager to please and fit in that she runs in circles around Angel trying to be just like her. Many times she wants what Angelic wants, her favorite color is what Angelic's favorite color, and when ever Angelic is complemented she tries to do exactly what Angelic did so that she can get a complement also. But when we started blogging, she answered truthfully about her own likes and dislikes. It is a nice way for her to express her uniqueness without worrying about fitting in so much.


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