Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Drum Talk - Off to a good start

This last summer my BF Kerry called me up and told me about a great homeschool activity called Drum Talk , meeting at a near by park. Kerry and I are always interested in good ways to teach our children about music. This was only a few days after my house fire. And I had just washed my hair in some experimental hair thing that made my hair look like it was covered in Vaseline, even after three washes! But I was so excited I went anyways, I just wrapped my hair up tight and hoped noone noticed.

We loved George Grants interactive and fun way of teaching music. George is an expert in drums and has traveled the world learning to drum from different cultures. George talked about the current trend in teaching music, teach theory and notes first.
George said this most often this leads to musicians who can play alone, but can't keep in rhythm with a group.

Kerry and I both did Marching band, and we saw firsthand how having a sense of rhythm made all the difference in a performance.

George starts with fun ways to learn the rhythm, until you become the rhythm. (at least that is how I put it.)

Watch this homemade
Drum Talk Video and see the progression of simple activities, that seem strange, yet develop a great sense of rhythm and ability to drum.

George starts at the simple basics of the drum words and then carries it out to where the students are learning to read music,
but the rhythm is established before they read music.

For Kerry and I this was the perfect way to teach music, inexpensive materials and support for the parent to learn first and teach to the child. Teaching the most foundational music theory and building up in a fun way that you don't have to force on your children.
No "But, mom do I have to practice?" around here.
It is one big interactive game. Our kids love it.

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