Saturday, February 16, 2008

The beautiful survey thing!

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A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
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5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:

That would be in 98... WOW that is way far back... that is pre children time... I am not sure I can remember what life was like without children :)

1. I think Jeff and I were sealed in the temple that year ?? Maybe the year before.

2. I would have been expecting Eva! YEA!

3. This was the year of my FIRST house fire, then nine years later we had our second house fire. Not something I would have EVER opted to experience twice. Both fires started in the basement. #1 We were in a old home divided into five apartments. Either the lint from the dryer built up and caused a big fire. Or one of the residents threw a cigarette into the trash can full of lint by the dryer. I do not remember which, I think the second one was my guess, but it was the first... Old Dryer, Landlord that did not check up on it, etc. And the #2 fire happened on Grannies stove, I bumped it up while piling laundry on top of it... Goodness am I sooooo blessed that I did not loose my children to my own stupidity!!!

4. We were living two blocks from the temple in down town SLC UT.. We use to see lots of official people from the church head quarters hiking up the hill to church owned apartments and condos up by our place. It was so fun living in the heart of the city!

5. I was working at Inkleys. Wow am I glad I don't work there any more. And I missed a promotions because I was suppose to go and tour the factory on the morning I had the fire. My boss two bosses up was so upset that I did not just come in to work, in my P.J. with out a change of clothes, leave my cinders and ashes behind, because a fire is nothing, that he decided I was not promotion material.

5 Things on my to-do list today

1. Visit Grandparents to say Happy Valentines Day... Late :i

2. Write an important email.

3. Call Robin... Goodness I have been a bad friend and not responded quickly to her.

4. Finish my MAJOR clothing overhaul. I have two batches to go and then all my clothing will be sorted and dejunked and I will know what clothes my family needs or has too much of.

5. DISHES!!! eeekkk

6. (sorry I wanted to remember this one also) Get ready for church. Find my CD player for my class, and prepare my lesson, and make sure everyone has church clothes.

5 Snacks I enjoy

1. IKEA cinnamon rolls, with IKEA lingonberry soda, and IKEA hot dogs (because you know, they all might taste the same but coming from IKEA they just seem to have more pizzazz). We went and visited Christine to see her new baby and on the way home we had a van load of hungry children. So what did we do? We stopped at IKEA. MMMMMMMmmmm I LOVE those cinnamon rolls!

2.ANYTHING baked!! I am so excited to have my kitchen remodel after the fire done at the end of this month, and all of my kitchen stuff back in my own home. I plan to break out my Bosch and my Nutrimill and BAKE! YEA!!! I am going to make a bunch of whole wheat mixes for quick and easy baking, and try my hand at sourdough...

3,4 and 5. The new Ferrero Rocher's. Where is my Valentines day heart from DH so I can tell you the names. Ok we call the new Ferrero Prestige's our Vacations. The rules of "taking a vacation" is that both me and DH must be ALONE in the bedroom and we must eat our 'vacation' together. There is kind of a ceremony to the whole thing. First you start with the Rondnoir the new dark chocolate version, a strong and distinct flavor, making sure to get all the little dark chocolate crumbs out of your foil. Then you proceed to the classic Rocher enjoying all of them slowly, taking several bites to eat each small chocolate. And lastly you finish up your vacation with the perfect crescendo, coconut in it most divine confection EVER, Garden Coco. The lovely coconut flavor explodes in you mouth, it is amazing that anything can be co coconutty. This flavor also cleans your pallet perfectly leaving you perfectly content to not have more vacation... at least most of the time ;)

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire

1. Go to school and study Architecture or City Planning.

2. Pay for Jeff to become a Education Junkie, he would love to spend loads of money on learning any random subject he decided to learn about.

3. Pay off our remaining debt.

4. BUY LAND!! as big as possible. And build my dreamed of sustainable indigenous house. And have LOADS of land left over to give to my kids as they grew up.

5. Figure out how to make a business of selling sustainable indigenous houses on land.

3 of my bad habits:

1. Not waking up early.

2. Not doing my daily routine.

3. Staying up late

5 places I have lived

1. Provo UT as young child.

2. Grew up in Rosepark, SLC Ut.

3. Lived in West Valley UT as newly weds.

4. Lived in downtown SLC just before we had kids.

5. Lived back in Rosepark in a small condo we owned.

6. Now living in West Jordan UT (I have not strayed from home much)

5 Jobs I’ve had

Do I have to remember these :$

1. Delivering Newspapers at 12

2. McDonalds at 14

3. Frontier pies at 16

4. Megahertz corporation at 18, general desk and assistant work

5. Mesa Care Center.. Oh I forgot I lived in Mesa AZ. for a short while, training to become a CNA

5 Things people probably don’t know about me

1. I started a creative writing blog, just for fun :). Gives me something to busy my mind with while I am falling asleep without keeping me away worrying about something. And I think it will help inspire my children to do creative writing more.

2. I have published an online cookbook at I cannot take credit for all the recipes by any means. It is a compilation of all the recipes that we liked the best in our meal swap group we did. We would all cook a meal in a large batch big enough for the # of families in the swap, package it up, and swap meals with each other. This way we made on meal in large amounts but ended up with a huge variety of freezer meals, it was lots of fun.

3. When I was in high school I had a fun time hanging out with my older sisters friends and going ballroom dancing. My DH promised me he would learn to ballroom dance when we got married. Last night at the steaks sweetheart dance we worked allot on the foxtrot and being able to move together without messing up, it was loads of fun.

4. My favorite colors are Periwinkle and Sage.

5. My favorite food is my mothers potato salad on the 2nd day after it was made :)

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