Saturday, January 12, 2008



Tumbler, Best Acrobat in the world, Artist, Wall Climber, Head Stander, Tiger Lilly, Second Daughter, 6yoDD

Hi, I'm The Best Wall Climber. I LOVE Chocolate. I'm six. And I slipped (she says on the floor).

I have no tooth in the middle of my mouth. My Papa put a string on the door knob and my Mama put a rag on her shoulder. And my Papa tied the string to my, um, tooth. And then it fell out. And the Tooth Fairy didn't take my tooth. But I got the money.
And I copy myself allot.

I have brown skin, the darkest eyes of ever, and black hair. Where does my black hair go to. Um, right here, it goes to the middle of my back. And soon I hope my hair gets down to my tippy toes.

My favorite Mama is Mama. My favorite sister is Hugs and Angel. And my favorite Mama is Mama, *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*, thats so funny. ( "Again" Angel says. "Yes that's because I love her so much" Says Tumbelina) My favorite animal is horses. My favorite color is pink. And my favorite brother is Curious George, the cute little face .

Um, for fun, for fun, for fun (she is thinking of what she likes to do for fun). I LOVE to sneak. I want to tell them more about that stuff. Write that! Um, So... Can I give you a hug Mama, write that down.

I'm good at scaring Curious George. I'm good at waking up in the morning. I wake up before everyone else in the house, and nobody's awake. How can you type that fast Mama?

Some day I hope I have a kitten. I hope I can be um, a, dentist.

When it is scripture time I sit down and listen. I read perfectly in the scriptures. And I love helping Curious George.


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