Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Blog Comments Roung-Up :)

Hello! I have been having so much fun lately reading and posting comments to other peoples blogs. There were a lot of little snipits that seem to be good things for me to post in my blog, which of course calls for a round up :).

So here is some
Life Stock!

On Memorization

I LOVE memorizing scriptures, I make up silly tunes that we sing the scripturesthat we are memorizing to. DH always laughs at the tunes I make up to memories stuff by, but Hey it works great.

In our morning devotional right now we are memorizing poems, mostly about good character,and some just for fun,for a break.

I have an adopted daughter with very different looks, she is Asian an we are all Caucasian so that poem about what really matter is a big deal in our home.

On Handwriting

One of my favorite books is “How Children Learn” The author spends allot of time talking about handwriting and reading and how children learn it. I love his thoughts and highly recommend it.

From my rough memory he says that children naturally know when they are writing incorrectly and greatly desire to get it right. But what they produce is their best rendition of what you do.

At one time our homeschool tried to copy neat letters, making sure the kids moved their pencils the exactly correct way. What resulted was disaster. My children felt horrid about their writing and avoided doing any writing at any time.

Instead I like to make up fun writing assignments where the children do not even know they are doing an assignment. Things like, write down the list of friends you want to invite to your party. Write down what you want me to get at the store. Write grandmother a letter, or decorate Grandmother a cute card, but make sure you include a message, grandmother loves messages. Etc. My children do writing practice ALL the time. I can hardly manage all the papers that are strewn around my house with writing and pictures and stories they are illustrating etc.

When we are writing letters etc. if my children ask me to show them how to write a word I write it out carefully and correctly. Thus they learn by following an example. Like most everything else.

Now that all sounds good and nice… Except for the fact that I am constantly correcting my 2nd child on how to say her words correctly because I am afraid she does not hear them right, and might develop a bad habit she cant break. Goodness…… Theory is so much different then practice.

On Kids Aliases
I am concerned about internet safety so I want to not use my kids real names on my blog.

Last time I tried to give my kids internet names that sounded a bit like their real names, EVERYONE that really knows them were sooooo confused :). I was thinking about Hug-a-lot for one of my daughters, no relative would miss which child I was talking about on that one :).

Also I was thinking of doing a post about each child and linking to it every time I use the alias so people could keep it straight, find some cute drawing of kids that look like mine etc. But that sound like allot of work. (More later on my kids internet names)

On Our School Name
Mostly we named our home, because our last name is Peel we named it A~Peel~ing Homestead or Apeeling Homestead. Then I thought people might just think I can not spell so we spell it correctly now. Appealing Homestead. :)

My MIL ran her own private school. From the beginning we knew we would not do traditional school, and I imagined that maybe I would create a miracle of a private school like her in the future. But she did it in her later years, and only for her last, late born child, my DH. Her school was named Peel Academy, so quite often we call our school by this name. We even have a shirt from her original school :). I have considered field trip matching shirts *giggle* but have not done it.

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