Saturday, January 12, 2008



AKA. Best Hugger, Hug-a-lot, Hug-a-lot bear, Tinkerbell, Third Daughter, 5yoDD

Hi! I am Best Hugger. I'm 5, I have blond hair, blue eyes, and peach skin. And my favorite color is purple, actually that's just one, and another one of my favorite colors is pink, and another is green, light green, and another one of my favorite colors is rose red. That's all, Oh, Wait, that is not all, I have baby blue too. That's all of my favorite colors, I have allot.

I Like purple roses. One thing I like to do is draw princesses. Uh huh!

Ok, Let me think. My favorite animal is a koala. That's why I asked for a koala from Santa. And it was a Webkins.

Let me think again. And draw cute animals is one of my favorite things. Let me think, because I have to think out loud. And.... I said And (Mama forgot to start typing when she started talking :), And I like to play dress-ups with my friends. That's all my favorite things to do.

What I like to do in homeschool is, I like to read books.

I want to be when I grow up, um... (her eyes are looking up at the ceiling while she thinks), I want to be a captain of a ship.

That's all I want to say, Good-Bye

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