Saturday, January 12, 2008

Curious George

Curious George

A.K.A. Curious, The Cute Face, Bob the Builder, Peter Pan, Fish (from Chicken Little), The Boy, Little Man, 2yoDS

"Hello, Hi, Hello and Hi." Says Curious

What do you look like: Curious George

What color is your hair: Uh, Blond. *giggle* I have a blond hair.

What color are your eyes: Uh Green, (actually they are blue :)

How old are you: He holds up two fingers.

What do you like to play with: Trains.

Tell me more about your trains: Thomas, um my remote control train.

Where did you get your trains from: From Santa

Can you tell me about Santa: Santa? I don't know his name (*giggle*). The kids, I talked about Santa. I says "can I have a train Santa?" And Santa says "yes you can have a train. But curious George is going to be happy." Curious says "Uh Huh, I am going to be happy Santa, I know."

Can you tell me what animals you like: How about a lion. I got lions and lions, bof of lions, I got couple of lions, and kitty cats, (he blinks his eyes cute)

"You good pushing your buttons." He says to me about my typing

"I'm tired, I'm tired of Santa. I want to lay down with my blanket."

Curious George lays down for a little while with his silky, his sippy cup, a pillow, a blanket, and a loving kiss from his Mama (that's the life :). And after a short while he says "I got to keep building (he is dressed as bob the builder) I got to turn on the light".

Thank you Curious George for talking good.

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