Monday, June 4, 2007

Post for my Lerning Sign Language Yahoo Group

This group has been inactive for a long time. We do not always talk on here. But because you are new and excited I would love to give you pointers :). And I would love to hear from others on the list if they want to talk about sign language a bit.
My favorite signing time resources for kidos are these.
Their shows are played here locally on our TV's
that is a sample of what the videos are like. On that Utube it shows Rachel doing some of the signs on the DVD Leah's Farm. But it does not show you any of the cute songs on the DVD's. All of the DVD's are FULL of great songs.
If you are just starting out I would HIGHLY recommend the Baby Signing Time DVD's, my boy cant get enough of them.
fun stuff you can do online with your kido's to learn sign.
I found some great sign language stuff on youtube the other day. Here is one.
Online Sign language dictionaries are wonderful. Look up the sign you want in an instant.
This is my all time favorite.
Hope you like that info

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