Thursday, March 17, 2005

We must fight to keep freedom of speech

Every day it gets legally harder and harder to be a Christian. In this country of freedom of speech one can see that the liberals would prefer if their views and ideas were the only ones that got free speech. They want to preach that the gay lifestyle is a safe choice to our school children. they only get away with it because they say they are teaching tolerance. When infact they are teaching that this is a safe optional choice, and they even tout that it is desirable. The funny thing is that the average gay male does not live past 55 and there is huge evidence that that lifestyle places a person at huge level of medical risk, not to mention a higher propensity to drugs and alcohol, or a higher mental disorder rate and suicide. The facts prove that it is not a safe choice.

It goes back to the definition of homophobia they teach in schools. Homophobia is fear to engage in a sexual relationship with someone of the same gender. What a twisted definition. Actually homophobia is fear of other people who participate in sexual relationships with someone of the same gender. I read an article where a mother called her school to complain that her son had been invited into the gay club room and during lunch break on school grounds the gay club watched an x rated movie about a boy and his "love affair" with a grown man, this woman's son started hanging out with a gay guy and stopped communicating with the mother. When she called to complain the principal told her she was a homophobe, and so did the school board. So basically the mother did not want herself or her son to have a sexual relationship with someone of the same gender and she was a homophobe. Or maybe even this mother did not want to have a sexual relationship except for with the person she was married to and also wanted he son to wait to have a sexual relationship until he married someone of the opposite gender. Anyways, apparently such values makes a person a homophobe.

Here in this article by Gary Bauer you will see exactly what the liberals feel is freedom of speech.

Intolerance At Harvard

Last night the 700-member faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University passed a "no-confidence" vote against President Larry Summers. Summers, by any definition, is a liberal. He served as President Bill Clinton's treasury secretary. But Summers is in trouble because he has committed the unpardonable offense in American higher education: he actually raised questions about a key tenet of the liberal faith - that there is no difference between men and women.

Summers suggested that the underrepresentation of women at the higher levels of science could be due to intrinsic differences between men and women. He (gasp) even called for a discussion of that possibility. The poor man was apparently unaware that academic freedom of thought has been replaced on most campuses with a left-wing orthodoxy that can get you "burned at the stake."

On America's finest university campuses you can call President Bush a Nazi, advocate Israel's destruction, call people who believe in traditional marriage "bigots" and compare Christians to the Taliban and your defenders will be legion. But if you dare to question any of the Left's sacred creeds, the "tar and feathers" won't be far behind. American "higher education" may now be the most intolerant institution in the country!

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