Wednesday, March 9, 2005

The Homosexual Agenda Is Infiltrating Our Schools

When Silence Would Have Been Golden
Acts of Homosexual Promotion to Youth that We Wish Had Never Happened
by Peter J. LaBarbera
April 10, 2002

I found this article posted on
The National Coalition For The Protection Of Children And Families

One of my favorite topics to read about right now is how the homosexual agenda is infiltrating our schools under the flag of tolerance... I was reading another article which gave a sample of Glesens curriculum in which this horrid definition existed.

In common usage, homophobia is the fear of intimate relationships with persons of the same sex

Inortherwords I am intolerant if I do not desire a relationship with someone of the same sex. What the heck!

Anyways I have been compiling a list of ways the gay movement is infiltrating in schools but the list provided at the end of this article included some of my best examples and then some more. This article is the most concise list I have seen. And if you read this article you don't have to get into the real gritty details of "fistgate". Unfortunately reading the play by play of what happened in fistgate gives one more information about the Gay lifestyle then one would want to know. I wanted to know exactly what these "Three homosexual activists employed by the Massachusetts Departments of Health and Education" actually told the children in their classroom and the whole meeting was truly pornographic and definitely encouraging the children to experiment and giving the kids to much knowledge under the guise of tolerance education.

Take particular notice of two parts in this article about kindergartner's, real scary stuff. These guys really know that if you train up a child starting young he will not depart from that way when older, they start as young as they can.

Also in that article about fistgate which is too gritty for most people to read the children role-played. They role-played being a lesbian girl talking to a lesbian counselor about what it meant to be gay. Inotherwords these children were asked to act as if, imagine as if, and respond as if, they were gay!!! Not me my children will not be publicly educated so that special interest groups can overtake my seed.

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